TV Show Tracker

An online app to track all your TV Shows on any device

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Awesome Features

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Optimised for Mobile

TV Show Tracker has been developed with the mobile device in mind from the initial planning stages right upto launch.

Once you've finished watching a TV Show you can login using your phone or tablet and tick off the episode you've just seen.

The interface is minimal and looks pretty slick, why not try the app out by registering.

Easy to Navigate

When viewing an individual Show there are a number of different actions available to you. You can archive the Show, useful when you've seen all the episodes or when the Show has finished.

You can tick & untick entire Seasons to quickly get upto date and you can also hide & unhide Seasons from the page if you only want to see the current Season. The settings page you can set whether you want to see archived/hidden Shows and Seasons.

Each Show page will display a full list of episodes and when they aired, simply tick / un-tick the checkbox to mark the Episode as watched.

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